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Charity & The Unexpected. Meet Aislinn!

February 22, 2010

This week’s Anonymous Teen Reader is Aislinn from Canada! Aislinn has a philanthropic streak and worries about Global Warming. Read on to learn more about this amazing teen…


Code Name (you choose!): Aislinn

Age: 17 years old

Current country of residence: Canada

Male or female: Female


How many books, on average, do you read a month? About 3…(not including school books).

Favorite kind of book and why; I basically love books that have something surreal in it. It can be about someone selling their soul to the devil or even about fairies. I love anything that shows another world that is much more imaginative than our own. All the love stories are basically the same. I love books where the ending is actually surprising.

Name the single most important factor in your decision to purchase a book; I don’t really look for a specific thing. I usually just read the back of loads of books and then I get the few that stand out to me. But I do start off by looking for specific authors to see if they have any other books out.

What makes you feel like you’re reading or have read a truly amazing book? I have read plenty of amazing books! Most of my favorite books I read in less than a day. When I start them, I can’t do anything else. They are definitely better than watching TV.

What’s your biggest pet peeve in a book? I can’t stand when the same words are constantly used throughout a book. I remember I was reading this book which had a great story line, but the same word would appear much too frequently per page that my friend and I actually started counting how many times it was used. It took away from the story.

Paperback or hardcover? Either one is good.

Series or stand-alone? I love series, but I hate it when they end! But then again, sometimes the sequel could be a total let down.


What music do you most often listen to? I love most kinds of music. It depends on my mood.

Name your favorite band: The Veronicas

Best movie of all time? My girl or Avatar.

Without naming names, tell us a little about your group of friends; Friend A is just about the funniest person you’ll ever meet. She can always make me smile and she is also very sweet. In addition, she also shares my love of reading. Friend B is about the kindest person I’ve ever met. I don’t think she has ever swore in her life nor have I ever heard her insult someone. She is also very determined. Friend C is really funny and hyper. You don’t want to get her upset, but when someone else does, its about the most entertaining thing to watch. I am convinced friend D is not human. I swear, I think she has some super power. Its as if she can read thoughts and she is also VERY good at convincing people.Friend D is about the most random person I know and the most hyper. She is also very thoughtful.

What’s your biggest concern about the world right now and/or the people in it? Global warming is my biggest concern at the moment. It our world and we need to stop killing it.

Someone gives you a million dollars, no strings attached. What do you do with it? I would want to build a small free clinic somewhere around the world or a school. But i don’t think one million is enough for that, so I’d probably donate part of it to some medical research and probably go shopping with some of it and save the rest.

You can live for one year in any place in the world. Where do you go and why? I would probably want to go to Australia because I love their accents and it has always been a place that I’ve wanted to visit.

Do you get along with your family? Either way,tell us why. We get along fine. We have family dinners every night, and on Tuesdays, we even go to my grandparents where we eat as a family with my aunt and uncle too.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you? I would love to be able to write a book when I’m older. Most people know what I want to be, but not many know that i also want to publish a book.

Name your biggest secret fear. I know exactly what I want to be in life. I have it planned out. So, my biggest fear would be to not achieve it.

Name something you like about yourself. The quality that I am so grateful to have would be determination.

Thanks for joining us, Aislinn! I’ve loved learning more about you!

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  1. Jen permalink
    February 23, 2010 1:29 pm

    You sound like a remarkable seventeen yr old. A free clinic or a school? Not the answer you expect to hear from someone so young<3 I bet your determination will bring huge rewards!

    I love reading these interviews!

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