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Thursday Night Write – Ice Cream, Anyone?

July 8, 2010

Sorry for the late Thursday Night Write post. We’re leaving for vacation (our first in two years) Saturday and I’m running around like crazy trying to get everything done!

Before I get to the prompt at left, I want to update you on a few things;

I’m scheduling posts to appear while I’m gone, so you can count on my regular features – the Anonymous Teen Reader of the Week, Thursday Night Write, and the Friday Poll – to appear as normal. I’ll throw in a few surprises for you, too, just to keep you guessing!


In the meantime, there’s still a contest going on at The Story Siren for a Prophecy paperback and some very cool swag, so head on over before it’s too late! Also, I’ll be throwing in a signed copy of Guardian of the Gate since I now have my finished copies. And who doesn’t like a free signed hardcover?!

By Pen or by Sword is also holding a contest for a signed Prophecy of the Sisters paperback plus a signed copy of The Hollow, by Jessica Verday. Jess and I will launch our Ghosts & Graves Tour in the Northeast in October, and I’m super excited to announce the details.

Lastly, you can still get a signed, Limited Edition bookplate for your Prophecy paperback. All you have to do is leave a comment here telling me where you got your paperback. This way we can share the love with our favorite booksellers (though you can also enter if you got the paperback as a gift! Just let me know in the comments). I gave out different bookplates for the hardcover, and these were designed especially for the paperback version of Prophecy and for Guardian of the Gate. As long as the bookplates hold out, I’ll be offering them in the first ten days after Guardian’s release, too.

As for TNW, same rules apply! Just use the prompt above (it’s Summer! I couldn’t resist!) to write something – anything! Give yourself no more than 30 minutes and write whatever comes to mind, posting no more than 500 words of it for comment when you’re finished. Don’t forget to comment at least one other entry if you participate.

I’ll miss you guys while I’m gone but am going to take advantage of the time to spend some quality time with Kenneth, Rebekah, Andrew, and Caroline. I’m also looking forward to a TON of reading and some work on my next-next book series.


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  1. mak...XD permalink
    July 9, 2010 2:17 pm

    yay!!! i’m not late…btw michelle i sent you a sorta urgent message on facebook….i hope you get time to read it!!!! thanks sooo much!!! i’m feeling all lovey dovey so here’s one of my gothic love poems!!! enjoy…
    Mysteriously Darken

    They say love blinds the mind,
    It only shows what is needed not wanted,
    Love deceives the mind in believing love is true,
    Not for me….the darker side of your love pulls me in,
    I can’t survive the shadows without you,

    Take me through the death and the hated place called WORLD,
    Many say we lust but I LOVE,
    Mysteriously Darken me with your love,
    I promise I won’t ever leave your side,
    Promise you’ll always be in my heart,

    I’ll give my heart just to be with you,
    I’ll give up the good in me to be engulfed in the beauty of your love,
    I’m not holding back anymore…once more Mysteriously Darken by your love,
    Silently sitting here waiting on you to answer my call,
    So we can share our once ignited love for each other,
    Mysteriously Darken by your love.

    • michellezinkbooks permalink*
      July 9, 2010 5:04 pm

      I didn’t get an email from you on Facebook, hon!


      • July 10, 2010 12:49 pm

        I really liked this MAK, especially the first two lines in the second stanza. They are so true, and the entire piece was great, awesome job!!

  2. KaitlynMarie permalink
    July 9, 2010 12:27 pm

    Small children rush by my perch on the wooden bench, money in hand, towards the truck. It seems like they’re being pulled in by a thick rope, like an addiction. They have a crazed look in their eyes and their little legs are carrying them as fast as they can. Smiles are plastered on their adorable faces as they race each other to the small window in the side of the vehicle and thrust their money over the counter in exchange for a small cone.
    One little girl sticks out to me. Beside her holding her hand is a tall, lanky boy, the one with brown, somewhat long hair and a cute face, who’s wearing jeans, though the day has seen close to one-hundred degrees. He bends down and looks her in the eye, mumbling something to her before giving her a five dollar bill and gently pushing her through the crowd of hot, sticky kids. She turns around with an expression full of fear painted over her smile and motions for him to come with her. He sighs and grabs her hand to lead her towards the front.
    The little girl turns around and smiles at me. Look! I can see her mouthing to the tall boy. She points in my direction and I quickly pull my sunglasses over my eyes. The boy looks over at me, smiles, and says something to the girl. She reaches up to the boys pocket and pulls out a dollar that is handed over to the man with the friendly smile inside the truck. The dollar is exchanged for a red Popsicle. The little girl looks up at the boy again, nodding her head, and starts towards me. I look down, pretending to be distracted by my book. I feel a small, sticky tap on my knee and I slowly raise my head.
    “Hi,” the girl says softly. “My brother-“, she says, gesturing to the tall boy, “asked me to bring this to you.” She holds out the red Popsicle and smiles at me. “I think he likes you,” she says, her blues eyes sparkling with mischief. She places the Popsicle in my hand and giggles. “Bye,” she says before she turns around to run back to her brother.
    I take a small lick of my treat and I can feel my tongue turning bright scarlet. A sweet sensation trickles down my throat as I watch the girl and her brother walk away. I try to wipe my hands off with a napkin and that’s when I notice the writing on the Popsicle stick. Written in small, perfect, black writing are seven numbers and a name; Christofer.

    • Meghan permalink
      July 9, 2010 2:33 pm

      Dear Kaitlyn,
      So is yours(: I definitely see how you won that award, whether you think so er not, you have quite the talent Missy, and quite the way with words! Your strange thoughts seem a bit more relevant when they are printed! LOL but I have to say, this is my favorite of yer pieces by far, most definitely!

    • FlaglineGeek permalink
      July 10, 2010 10:26 am

      This is really cute. I love how you described the kids at the beginning and it seemed like it was just about the narrator watching them get ice cream, but then you added the hint of romance.

      • July 10, 2010 12:53 pm

        Aww, this was really cute. I loved how you described everything so well, without over-doing it, i really felt like i was there, amazing job!!

  3. Meghan permalink
    July 9, 2010 11:48 am

    Small pebbles lay so precisely
    In the bridge over
    The gently flowing creek
    With the golden daffodils
    Swaying in the breeze along the banks
    The path that lay ahead-
    The dirt filled twisting path-
    Leading to the brick heart
    So close to the busy road
    Where the trucks rush past
    Without a glance at the beauty
    That lies just beyond their sight
    The sun is high over head
    Casting beams of glowing warmth
    Over the dew-covered grass
    A familiar tune
    Sounds from down the road
    Twinkling notes
    Like a song from a dream
    Until they become clearer
    And the gravel crunches
    As the tires sweep over them
    Excited screeches and giggles
    Run to the side door
    A friendly grin
    Appears in the window
    Of what service he could be
    The boy sitting on the bench
    With the rainbow smile
    And the girl on the bridge
    Looking down at the blob of white
    Floating in the water below her
    As she grasps the empty brown cone
    All at once
    The park comes to life
    And waits for the next day to bring
    The ice cream truck
    Back again

    • KaitlynMarie permalink
      July 9, 2010 12:28 pm

      Dear best friend,
      This is beautiful. ❤

  4. Jana permalink
    July 9, 2010 2:34 am

    My eyes fluttered open, but I closed them immediately for the sun was blinding. I shot them back open again, ‘I can feel the warmth.’
    I sat up quickly and looked around, I was back in Champaign, but not at the Academy, I was downtown. I saw every store abandoned, even Center Street Ice Cream Parlor. It was around late spring and the ice cream parlor was normally open, but no one was there. There wasn’t anyone on the streets either, I was completely alone.
    I stood up and starting wandering around, trying to figure out where everyone went, and most importantly how I got here. The memory what happened came hard and so fast I stopped dead in my tracks, replaying the previous events.
    I remembered running through the field being chased by William, then him disappearing only to reappear and he…
    ‘Oh my god, he kissed me.’
    I gingerly put my fingers to my lips, they still felt cold. I could still taste his essence on my lips, I could still feel his darkness snaking into my mouth. I could feel bile rise up into my throat at the memory, I’ve never felt so afraid before.
    “Hello Lilah.” a cool voice greeted me, I could no longer feel the suns’ warmth.
    “What do you want with me, William?” I whispered, knowing he could hear me.
    I heard him chuckle, a deep sound that seemed capable of freezing the hottest fire. “My dear, haven’t you figured it out? I want you.” His voice was very matter of fact, it made me shiver.
    I sighed, clearly losing his patience. “You are one of the strongest Origins’ to have lived in the past 200 years. I have made it my personal mission to make sure you make the right choice, and become one of us.”
    Before I could even open my mouth he was in front of me, both of his bitter hands on either side of my face. The power that emanated off of him was almost frightening. There was no doubt in my mind that he meant what he said.
    He brought his face close, lips less than an inch away from my own as he spoke. “You will be mine. Forever.” I watched as tendrils of darkness spiraled around us, forcing me to become impossibly closer to him.
    The coils slid their way around the base of my neck and started to tighten, cutting off my oxygen.
    “I’m going to let you leave my world, but remember Lilah, there is nowhere you can hide from me. I’m always watching you.” he pressed his mouth against by own, and I welcomed unconsciousness.

    • FlaglineGeek permalink
      July 9, 2010 9:48 am

      I love how this story is continuing. This excerpt makes me even more intriguied because of this: “You are one of the strongest Origins’ to have lived in the past 200 years. I have made it my personal mission to make sure you make the right choice, and become one of us.”
      What are the Origins?
      And what are the other creatures? The ‘us’?
      Very suspensful information drop, love it.

      • Jana permalink
        July 9, 2010 8:23 pm

        Origins are people who can control the elements. In my story there are 9 elements: Air, earth, water, fire, ice, wood, metal, lightning and spirit. The ‘us’ are the Caliga, who have mastered the ‘Forbidden Element’ which is Darkness.

  5. July 8, 2010 10:54 pm

    I appreciate you’re updates even whilst on vacation. I hope you have a good one! This is always a fun site to come to and get all of our weekly ‘ice cream’ surprises.

  6. FlaglineGeek permalink
    July 8, 2010 10:29 pm

    I stood outside of Regina’s—our local ice cream shop—beginning to think Michael wasn’t coming. We’d been talking for about a week and, just a half hour ago, he IMed me on Facebook: Want to go to Regina’s? I’d been so elated that he asked me out, I’d asked my sister for a ride immediately. Now I wondered if I was too eager, too quick to jump to conclusions, or if maybe I’d imagined the whole thing.

    Just as I was about to tell my sister I wanted a ride home, that this wasn’t working out how I’d planned, that Michael had stood me up, his—or well, his mom’s—silver Dodge Avenger stopped in front of me. He got out, his blond hair shining in the summer light. I smiled at him and he smiled back. Everything was okay now, as far as I was concerned. Michael hadn’t stood me up. He was walking toward me. This was—possibly—our first date.

    “Hey, Sam,” he said.

    “Hey,” I said.

    We stood there awkwardly for a few moments while his mom said goodbye, then he gestured to the door of Regina’s, cueing me to walk in first.

    “So. . . what flavor are you getting?” he asked. I looked up at him, thinking this was way too awkward. Our conversations before had been texts or IMs. Now we actually had to coordinate our vocal cords and brains, which was harder than it should be.

    “Uh. . . probably coconut,” I said. “It’s my favorite.”

    He gave me a weird look. “Ah, I’ll probably get chocolate,” he said. “That’s my favorite.”


    He laughed. “This is awkward, isn’t it?” he asked.

    “Well. . .” I said.

    “It’s okay.”

    After we got our ice cream, we walked outside and sat on one of the benches. “So, coconut? That sounds so gross,” he said.

    “It’s not,” I argued. “Want to try some?” I asked automatically, but the second the words exited my mouth, I worried it was too much, too suggestive. Thankfully, he didn’t seem to think so because he grinned and said, “Okay. . .”

    Then I realized we didn’t have spoons, but that didn’t seem to be a problem either. He leaned close and licked my cone while I held it dumbly, watching him. “Ew,” he exclaimed, “that’s disgusting.”

    “It is not!”

    “Is to! But, anyway, let’s see if you have better taste in other things,” he said. “What’s your favorite movie?”

    “Easy: Titanic.”

    “Oh, please. You girls are all the same.” He leaned closed to me, laughing and I looked into his eyes, noticing how blue they were. I was glad the conversation seemed to be moving from awkward to flirty.

    “Excuse me? Us girls? What’s your favorite movie?”

    “The Hangover,” he admitted.

    “You guys are all the same!”

    We finished eating our ice cream, talking and flirting the whole time. I loved the feel of it: the easy going conversation and the funny jokes. As both of us threw the remains of our ice cream cones away, Michael turned to me. “So. . . my mom’s gonna be here soon,” he said.

    “Yeah, my sister too.”

    He stared at me for several moments, then leaned and kissed me. It tasted kind of like ice cream, which was odd, but it was a kiss. A real kiss. One that he initiated. And it was my first.

  7. July 8, 2010 10:03 pm

    Have an awesome time Michelle!!! :]
    I know this has nothing to do with the promt, but i really wanna post this. i wrote it at like 11:50 last night,lol. Tell me if its any good!!

    What are friends?
    Friends are there for you till tha end –
    They stick with you through thick ‘n thin –
    At least the ones who are true,
    They always stick beside you.

    Freinds keep your secrets,
    When keeping said secret you bequeath.
    The only reason they would
    Ever tell would be for the greater good.

    What is a friend?
    A friend is greater than good at their worst
    And greater than amazing at their best.
    A friend is when one will randomly burst
    Out laughing, and the other knows exactly why.

    Friends put you to the test.
    They can piss you off till you cry,
    Or for you willingly lie.

    You cannot live without a friend,
    They’re what keeps you from
    Crashing when you go ’round a tricky bend.
    They’re a marvolous gift from above.

    What are friends?
    Friends are what helps keep you going.
    They keep you knowing,-
    Even if it’s just a few words they say-
    That, it will be okay.

    Oh, friends, what do you mean?
    You mean everything to me.
    It is me that you see
    And love.
    No matter if I’m upset, mellow, or wanna head bang
    You don’t want me to
    Change, and I never will change
    Thanks to you.

  8. July 8, 2010 9:56 pm

    Week 16 of the Amulet of Otherness! Recap: Venetia finds an amulet that is secretly a portal to the Realm of Otherness, which Arachne wants to use to take over the world. Venetia, along with her classmate, Andrick, and two time travellers, Reviva and Cadmon, must protect the necklace. In week seven, Reviva rescues Venetia and Andrick in the year 1886, taking them to the year 1986. They were going through Reviva’s files when they are ambushed. Venetia and Andrick haven’t met Cadmon yet, but in this scene they will!


    VENETIA (seventeen with long, brown hair, golden brown eyes, and a brown school girl’s clothes with torn stockings)along with ANDRICK (eighteen with dark, curly hair, green eyes, and wearing a slightly unbuttoned oxford, and relaxed brown pants) and REVIVA (a woman with flowing blonde hair, misty gray eyes, and white robes) run into the street, emerging from a nearby woods. Venetia and Andrick look at the houses and cars in wonderment.

    I think we lost them.

    Reviva sees the dream-like expression on Venetia and Andrick’s face.

    Do you need a minute to take it
    all in?

    Do we have a minute?

    Well, you saw the truck back home.
    Now you see other transportations.
    The houses are made of different
    material, and scientists have
    developed technology to make tasks
    easier, not to mention entertainment.
    As we look for Cadmon, I’ll explain
    everything as we come to it.

    Look! Those kids in that yard!
    They’re playing ball just like
    I do!

    Their clothes are so funny!
    Is that girl wearing pants?

    Reviva laughs. An ice cream truck rolls by, and the kids playing in the yard run to it. A couple of other kids run to it from their houses. Everyone orders an ice cream and takes it inside.

    Is this futuristic stuff more
    fascinating or frightening?

    I think Arachne and his henchmen
    are a lot more frightening!

    (from inside the truck)
    Don’t you guys want some
    ice cream?

    Andrick and Venetia look alarmed at being addressed by someone from this time period. Reviva smiles and goes up to the truck.

    Andrick, Venetia, meet my
    assistant, Cadmon.

    Cadmon sticks his head out the window.

    Hop in! I think there’s some
    valuable information at the
    city library.

    How did you get this vehicle?

    Legally, I swear!

    Reviva rolls her eyes in a bemused way. She enters in the truck. Venetia and Andrick apprehensively follow.

    • FlaglineGeek permalink
      July 8, 2010 10:38 pm

      I like reading this every week. It’s like a weekly episode of a show. I liked the way they were baffled by the “futuristic” stuff. Look forward to next week.

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