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Eloise, Hard Metal, and Being Human

July 26, 2010

I’m baaaack! And I missed you guysssss!

We had a wonderful vacation (even if I did end up working) and I’m ready to celebrate next week’s release of Guardian of the Gate with all of you. I’ll be giving away more gorgeous bookplates (stay tuned for more info), but in the meantime, you can enter to win more incredible Prophecy swag at the Mundie Moms.

Tomorrow night my new website goes live at This blog, all the other site information, and some awesome new features will be unveiled, so check back and take a look. It’s GORGEOUS!

And now, for this week’s Anonymous Teen Reader…


Interview Code Name (you choose!); Little Mango

Current country of residence; Malaysia (it’s above Singapore, South of Thailand and wedged between Indonesia and Borneo)

Male or female? definitely female

Age; 15


How many books, on average, do you read a month?
It depends really. The number of books i read range from the most seven novels (around 300 pages each) to one. If i receive new books to review for the newspaper or my book blog –, then i will probably read more that particular month.

Favorite kind of book and why;
I read a wide genre of books as I like to learn different styles and types of voices when it comes to writing but mostly my bookshelves consists of YA. I am attracted to YA as it is lighter substance and you don’t need so much concentration to understand the storyline.

Name the single most important factor in your decision to purchase a book;

What makes you feel like you’re reading or have read a truly amazing book?
When I see the story play out before my eyes like a movie screening in my head.

How important is a friend’s recommendation in your decision to purchase a book?
Not really. But my best bud and I often discuss among ourselves on the book that we are reading.

Thing you’d like to see more or less of in the YA genre;
I find that books nowadays are like fashion. They have a trend and they come in seasons. So if one person makes it big with this specific storyline the others will follow suit and then the entire shelf in the bookstore is filled with that specific type of book. What I’m trying to say is, i don’t really fancy clichéd storylines. After awhile, you just get bored of them.

What’s your biggest pet peeve in a book?
The cover. I’m a sucker for beautiful covers. I know they say you can’t judge a book by its cover but to be frank, I’ve bought tones of books just because of the pretty cover!

Paperback or hardcover?
Paperback. i tend to lug books along with me everywhere i go even when i travel abroad. Hardcovers are really heavy and much more thicker so i can’t really pack that many along with me if i were to go on a longer holiday.

Series or stand-alone?
I’m fine with both as long as the storyline in the books are not repeated relentlessly in the series.


What music do you most often listen to?A wide genre. The songs in my Ipod range from Hard Metal to R&B/Pop stuff. I listen to music according to my mood and the type of piece i have to write at that time, just so i get a better feel of the mood that I am writing.

Name your favorite band;
Not a biggie of bands but I like The All American Rejects, Tokio Hotel, Plain White T’s just to name a few.

Best movie of all time?
Eloise at the Plaza and The Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Without naming names, tell us a little about your group of friends;

Just like the books and music i listen to, I kinda, you can put it in a way, I have a wide range of friends. I don’t really choose my friends and I mix with different types of people but if they are bad influence, i’ll avoid them.

What’s your biggest concern about the world right now and/or the people in it?
The fact that most of us are hypocrites bugs me. We have campaigns, we donate cash to support some funds and we are all the rage on going green however most of us just do that for show and the fact we feel good afterwards. I’ll admit that as a nature lover, I still request for plastic bags when i shop even though i know how bad the consequences are. I’ve been trying to change that for some time now.

Someone gives you a million dollars, no strings attached. What do you do with it?
I would love to travel to every single human inhibited state there is in this world. I would love to learn the different cultures and see the different diversities there are on planet Earth and of course, spending every single dime basking and enjoying the glorious privileged life I would live in – shopping !

You can live for one year in any place in the world. Where do you go and why?
A penthouse with the view of central Park in New York Upper East Side. I fell in love with Big Apple when i was there last December. I like the energy buzz of New York. It’s nothing like I ever felt before even in other big cities like Paris or London.

Have you ever “Hidden” someone on your Facebook feed? If so, why?
No. I only accept closest friends, family and authors on my FB account. And why would i want to add a person and then hide them? I would rather not add them at all !

Do you get along with your family? Either way,tell us why.
Yeah. My parents and i are pretty tight. They treat me as an equal, allowing me analyse and make decisions for my own.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?
That I am not entirely perfect ! And that I am a pure Malaysian Chinese. People tend to mistaken me for a mix-blood or a Caucasian, a Hispanic. I even got named a Japanese/ Mongolian once ! And better yet, one day while i was shopping in my homeland the saleslady asked me if i brought my passport as there would be extra discounts for visitors/tourists!

Name your biggest secret fear.
I hate it that whenever i walk into a room and everyone practically stops whatever they were occupied with a minute ago and stares at me. I’m not a celebrity, I don’t do anything like wear outrageous or different clothes. In fact, I am nothing but a normal human but it seems like i have a lot of presence. My friends always tells me that they can’t help but do that. Even when I go out, shopping or anywhere else, people just look at me and it’s not fun or cool ! It creeps me out to have every single person around you looking at you at one time or another. Even weirder when they start smiling at you and start talking to you like a long lost friend !

Name something you like about yourself.
I’m human. Still human and no uncanny superpowers.

What one thing would you like to know about other teens?
How do they turn themselves mostly invisible so that people just ignore them and stop staring ?

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  1. Lizzie permalink
    July 26, 2010 11:26 pm

    Oooh, this girl is awesome! I agree with her biggest fear, hate when people do that D: Makes me so self-conscious. Her blog is cool too!

    Can’t wait to see your site! =D xx

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