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Kenneth_GuitarOur house is filled with music. At any hour of the day or night (at least on the weekends and in the summer!) it’s either being played in the basement by an assortment of teen musicians who come and go or being blasted from somebody’s iPod in the living room. When we have a few extra dollars and a free night, we’re more inclined to go to a concert, even one of those cheap $25-standing-room-only General Admission ones, than anything else.

So it’s probably no surprise that in January of 2009, my son, Kenneth and I decided to collaborate on a musical score for Prophecy of the Sisters.

Kenneth has been a musician for some time, playing piano and guitar and, most recently, teaching himself to play drums. He has a fondness for and incredible knowledge of film scores, and it has been a wonderful experience to collaborate with him on this type of project. He’s composed and performed several original songs and hopes to develop a complete score for each book. I’m so excited by the opportunity to connect through the power of music with another segment of the teen audience.

Kenneth’s Prophecy score can be heard here and here;

Music Playlist at

The newly unveiled Guardian of the Gate theme is below. Check back for the rest of the Guardian playlist!

Kenneth is hard at work on the complete score for Guardian of the Gate. Please check back here and/or on his Myspace music page for updates!

And if you’re looking for something a little more contemporary, check out my sweet Prophecy playlist. Apparently, it’s too cool for WordPress, but it’s up on Myspace. Heh.

Check it out if you love great music. If you’ve read the book, it’ll all make sense!